Hunters Point Shoreline

In 2006, PG&E began the process of retiring the 70-year-old Hunters Point Power Plant. The ensuing decommissioning and remediation of the plant created a unique opportunity for PG&E to plan for future re-use of the site and modernize critical assets to meet new standards of resiliency and sustainable infrastructure.

urb-in joined this effort in the planning and conception stages. One of the first elements we helped bring to completion is the Hunters Point Shoreline, a restored parcel of shoreline meant for community use that functions as a social and environmental resource. Sitting on the edge of the PG&E Hunters Point property, the Shoreline invites residents to enjoy the waterfront setting, thereby inverting the site’s historical position as an interruption of the urban fabric.

urb-in was involved in the planning process for Hunters Point Shoreline from the early stages. The design was refined though an extensive community engagement process, and the project was developed to meet guidelines and plans set forth by the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, the Blue Greenway project, and the San Francisco Bay Trail effort. The completed shoreline is an amenity that showcases and restores native habitat, shoreline ecology, and provides opportunities for active and passive recreation.