Our process begins with a period of examination and analysis of the project brief.

The unpacking of the brief’s constraints and opportunities guides our team in the creation of a project approach. We craft our strategy to address each project’s unique set of criteria, focusing on the most salient issues to produce the best outcomes.

We have been fortunate to work on projects at a variety of scales. Over time, through experience and observing best practices, we strive to achieve the following key principles in our work:


Meet and exceed programmatic goals. Deliver a project that is on time, on budget, and built to last.


At the outset of the project, provide clear direction to align goals between the project team and the client to keep the overall vision on course.


Stakeholders vary with each project; in each instance, identify which communities or groups benefit from or are impacted by the proposed project. Devise strategies to engage these communities and stakeholders early and often.